45 RPM

Six seasoned musicians, stuck in a rehearsal room, challenge each other to a game of “What’s the cheesiest song you remember from the good old days of top-40 AM radio?”  The result (in addition to a great jam): 45rpm, your purveyors of musical fun.  Meet the band that plays note-perfect renditions of songs from the heyday of AM radio, milking each number for every ounce of its delicious goodness.

Akiva the Believer

Akiva the Believer is a Master Drummer who is reintroducing drumming back into Jewish prayer settings. He is the first ordained "Holy Drummer" since the Temple was destroyed thousands of years ago.

Akiva plays at synagogues, retreats, drum circles and concerts around the world. Akiva played with the father of Jewish music, Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l. Later he played with Paul of Peter, Paul & Mary. In recent years he has been playing with a who's who of Jewish music including Shefa Gold, Alberto Mizrachi, Craig Taubman, Gad Elbaz, Debbie Friedman, zt'l., and Storahtelling. Lately, he is branching out, playing in folk, gospel, and interfaith settings.

Akiva's first CD, "The Rhythm of G!d" is finally out and available here.

HE is working on his first book: "Holy Drumming: A Manual for Drummers Accompanying People at Prayer", b.n. He has been asked to teach his approach at the major Jewish seminaries. He has opened a school, The Holy Drumming Institute and graduated his first class. Akiva has been working on his invention, "The Electrified Tambourine."

Akiva lives on a beach in Huntington. There he runs a small shul where people come to sing, pray, and dance!



Cautionary – is a two year old, high energy Alternative Rock band project comprised of five young male musicians between the ages of 13 and 17.  Each talented member has been seriously studying music and performance for the last six years.  Their passion for music has endeared Cautionary to live music  venues where they play most weekends.

Dancin Feet

Dancin Feet - is a dancing school that is committed to building the self-esteem of our students, as well as providing them with quality dance education and fun performance opportunities.  We pride ourselves on being able to create a warm and friendly, yet professional atmosphere for children of all ages and technical levels.

Dean Silva and The Angry Young Men Band

If you're a fan of Billy Joel, and you like completely live music, no samples, tracks, or studio magic… Angry Young Men is a great band to see! Catch them before they're not a secret anymore...! Each member of the latest tribute to the music of Billy Joel hails from Long Island. His entire catalogue is metaphorically "embedded in their souls, as well as "encoded in each of their DNA."
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